The Use of Educational Games in Online Tutoring Jobs

The challenge faced by tutors who work in online tutoring and e-learning jobs is how to keep their students interested in the actual process of learning. Engaging the student is extremely important in an online-tutoring situation as the student’s interest is more difficult to capture while online as opposed to face-to-face.

A huge advantage of Internet-based tutoring is the possibility of using educational games for the purpose of teaching. Even though educational games are wonderful when they grab the attention of a student, there are a few aspects a tutor should keep in mind.

Educational games, otherwise known as edutainment, are controversial. While most people believe it is perfectly fine to put an interesting twist on learning, people also understand there is more to learning that just fun. Dedication and hard work are integral parts of the learning process, parts that should not be overlooked.

Learning tools presented as games are not always effective. Some students will become so wrapped up in a game’s competitive aspect that they never take into account what material they should be learning. Of course, some games are more effective than others.

Also, educational games are not meant to be a substitute for quality teaching. As a tutor, one should remain at the core of any present job. Think of educational games as learning accessories instead of teaching replacements.

There are tons of Internet-based games that one can utilize in their Internet-tutoring assignment. Of course, the tutor should play any game before advising the student to do the same. And just because a game possesses eye-catching graphics or a unique concept, it does not mean the game is suitable for a particular student’s needs.

According to education studies, variety is the key to keeping students engaged. While educational games are an excellent part of a tutoring program, these games should not be heavily relied upon. Require quizzes to be taken by the student in order to determine how much information the student has gleaned from games.

Even though many children seem addicted to computer games, not all have this problem. Some students learn better via teaching methods other than game-related ones. On the other hand, most tutors do not want to risk encouraging a child’s video-gaming frenzy. All in all, it is up to the online tutor to make the judgment call as to the value of educational video games. This decision should be based on the needs of the individual student.

But do keep in mind that these games can also be played by adult students. There are plenty of suitable games and interactive puzzles that can prove beneficial. With older students, games can be used to force the student to apply newly-learned information in a fun manner.

The use of educational games in online tutoring jobs center around gleaning all of the benefits provided by digital technology and online mediums. As long as one is able to keep the advantages and disadvantages in perspective, educational games can be a worthwhile addition to any online tutoring job’s program.