Should You Hire a Tutor for Your Student?

Tutoring. There are few words in the world of education that start arguments more than the word tutoring. If you mention tutoring to most students, they’ll immediately tell you that there’s no need for them to pursue tutoring. Indeed, tutoring really got a bad rap over the last few years. There’s a lot of students that assume that if you’re going through tutoring for them, it means that they’re stupid and there’s no way that they can ever possibly improve.

There are a lot of different things in play when you think about going to get a tutor for your student.

You have to think about where your student is within their schooling. Older children tend to benefit well from a tutor, but they might resent your intervention a lot more than your younger children. Unfortunately, there’s no way to tell how your student will react until you at least ask them.

That brings u p another good point — who said that hiring a tutor has to be done in a vacuum? You will do well to talk this through with your family as a whole before brining a tutor in the mix. You will still need to pay the tutor, which means that it needs to be something that you can comfortably afford before you push forward. In addition, your spouse will most likely want to make sure that they have some input into who will be coming into the house to tutor your children.

For the students in question, it’s a matter of being able to get along with the tutor that you decide to hire. If they can’t do that, then they will not be very likely to actually get along with the tutor in any way, shape or form. It’s better to really stop and think about their feelings — including why they don’t want to get a tutor at all.

Should you hire a tutor for your students? Well, you have to think about their feelings about the matter. If they say that they can improve their grades without getting a tutor, then you might want to let them demonstrate that. Don’t keep it an open-ended goal — make sure that you get parameters that need to be met. For example, you might give them one more school quarter before you hire the tutor — this gives them plenty of time to see how they will perform in school.

If you’ve decided to hire the tutor, make sure that you stop and let your child actually talk with the tutor first. There’s nothing that says that you have to only stick to one tutor when there are so many out there. This initial interview should give your child time to see whether or not they will feel comfortable getting help from them. While credentials are important, rapport is even more important than credentials.

Overall, if you’re really serious about hiring a tutor for your student, it definitely pays to really think about it — why not get started today? Find a reliable and professional tutor for your student on LearnOK.