Get Connected Now, Your Future Self Will Thank you

Social media is everywhere and as a student you will probably be more aware of this than anybody else. The majority of people will log onto a social media platform at least once a day. However it is what you are doing with that time that will really matter when college ends and you are off into the working world. According to recent reports a huge amount of jobs are now being offered due to social media connections and so getting a head start will make it much easier later on.


Twitter is now the main way of communicating with individuals, with employers and companies putting lots of industry relevant information out there. I suggest following influential people or companies in your field of studies. Not only to connect with relevant people but to get an idea of the industry itself. You can search for keywords to narrow your options and help you to reach the right people.


Linkedin is the largest professional network in the world with over 2 million companies already signed up. Although you may have not yet entered the world of work it is still a great idea to have all your skills and experience uploaded to your Linkedin profile. Recruiters are using Linkedin more and more and so getting yourself acquainted to this platform will do wonders. Linkedin offers groups from the vague to the very niche and even allows you to create your own. Join groups related to your field and don’t be afraid to join conversations and post interesting content. Similar to the advice above it will give you a more rounded idea of your industry and allow you to connect to people that perhaps already have your ideal job.


In regards to job searching Facebook is a little different as connections are made more often via recruitment groups, but there is still a lot you can be doing. Facebook is primarily used personally and so you may want to keep an eye on the messages you are putting out there. People will be able to gauge what kind of person you are by your statuses and likes. When deciding to approach recruiters it is a good idea to clean up your profile and make it a little more professional.

Social media can be used to show your knowledge and experience and communicate it to relevant people and industries, getting a head start and knowing what to expect will dramtically help your chances at the end of your studies.

Charlotte Critchley is a keen social media enthusiast and freelance blogger, currently posting on behalf of Sentiment Metrics, specialists for social media analytics.