Could Skipping College Really Work For You in the Long Run?

Ah, what could be a better subject than skipping college altogether? We’re all about giving you information that fits the modern world. No matter where you live, there are stories of people who are going into big time debt for their education dreams. This is not something that will surprise anyone that’s a long time reader of this site, but we think that this isn’t the best way to go.

Our opinion is that many students look at college like it’s a magic bullet. They’re expecting everything to just go smoothly because they can’t imagine it going any other way but that’s not really the best idea that you want to take. It would be a lot wiser to think about the goal that you have for college and go from there. Why would you want to risk getting yourself in trouble with debt at such a young age? That’s only going to end in terms of disaster. Who wants that?

The best approach here is to look at not just college, but skipping college altogether. This goes into our other criticism — don’t just skip college to skip college. Sure, it’s kind of nice to know that you can sleep in late when others are rushing off to those morning classes that everyone hates. However, you’re not going to get anywhere fast if you don’t start thinking about the future you have in terms of life itself. College isn’t the only destination to getting things done. You just need to figure out your best path.

If you’re going to skip college, then you need to have a pretty good strategy. If you don’t, then you’re going to eventually get passed by as people get not only college degrees, but experience. The most common reason why people get worked up over skipping college is because they want to launch their own company. But is that something that they really have to skip college for? Not at all. It’s going to be up to you to build a blueprint that includes your college aspirations along with other career goals that you might have. It’s something that everyone needs to work on, in our opinion. The rise of the Internet means that you no longer have to just settle for offline businesses that take up all of your time. Why not go with an online business that doesn’t take up time, or one that can be outsourced?

It’s true. There are plenty of ways to start a business, but that goes outside the main scope of this article. If you’re really interested in entrepreneurship, then you really owe it to yourself to start working on your dreams now while you’re thinking about them. Remember that it takes a lot of effort to get a business off the ground. So don’t just give up your dream of going to school because you think it means that you get to be lazy. The truth is that there is a lot of opportunity to get things done as a business owner, and then scale outward with time. A lot of people want to rush into the whole “make money while you sleep” thing, not realizing that it takes time to get there. It takes time to build what you ultimately wish to do.

Getting sidetracked because other people are on different paths is only going to make life harder for you, not easier. If you’re serious about skipping college, or even just delaying college for a while, you need to have a solid backup plan.

What type of job are you going to do while you’re trying to get your business off the ground? Are you going to invest in something that’s designed to give you a lot of leverage? Are you going to be able to save for the future while you get your business up and running? There are a lot of different things involved when it comes to getting everything wrapped up, and that’s not always easy to process. That’s not always easy to deal with.

But it is something that’s worth fighting for.

You might have other reasons why you want to skip college. If you are taking care of a sick relative, then that is definitely a good reason to delay college. Even though you want to go to school, you have to be realistic. Are you going to be able to honestly balance the demands of the relative with your college schedule? Probably not. Giving college your full attention is always a good idea. They do make online classes and correspondence courses that you can check out, if you’re really feeling like you should go.

Make sure that you also think carefully on the best path to take before things get too far out of hand. You might want to go off to college, but what about delaying for a year? If you start thinking about your options early on, you will not have too much problem getting things wrapped up neatly.

What about your family? If you’re really young, your family might be hoping that you’re going to go to school. The funny thing about parenting is that a lot of their unfulfilled hopes and dreams come out in terms of what they want for you. So if they never got to go to school, you might hear a lot of angst and grief about your decision not to go to college. You have to also think about the fact that many of the business opportunities that you have available to you weren’t available to your parents. That’s something that tends to really complicate matters in a big way. The more that you can focus on these things, the better off that you will honestly be. Make sure that you get things started as soon as possible — take care of yourself!