Business Report Topics

In order to gain practical skills that would support their theoretical knowledge, students are often assigned the task of writing a business report on a particular company or case study. One of the first steps of writing a business report assignment involves choosing the business report topics. The students are often given the freedom to choose from a variety of topics to cover in their report or to come up with their own. However, one may find such task to be difficult because it requires a certain amount of experience as well as creativity. Since business is a largely varied practice that can relate to multiple spheres and disciplines, one may get lost in the wide variety of available business report topics. Therefore, the provided guide and examples would simplify this exercise to a bare minimum of effort.

Choosing the correct business topic is a crucial step to the successful writing of a business report. In order to choose the correct topic, one should understand the nature of the business report. It is important to determine why the report is needed and who is the target audience of the report.

Usually, business reports are written works that attempt to analyze and evaluate certain sides of the target company’s accomplishments or failures. Depending on the nature of the company’s business, both the report and its topic can vary. If the company is successful, the report can be focused on why it is successful and what the company should do to remain in that status. If the company is suffering from certain setbacks in its business, then the topic should focus on what is the main cause of the problem and suggest what the enterprise should do to solve it. In any case, the topic will largely depend upon the main subject of the company’s strong or weak sides that are worth mentioning.

As a result, the business report topic can be based on a number of disciplines, such as sales, accounting, human resources management, marketing, logistics, and technology. It should be both short and informative, and its length should have enough content to inform the reader about the main subject discussed in the paper. The following examples should assist the writer in choosing the appropriate topic:


–  Annual company sales report: profits and costs evaluation;

–  Sales drop: finding the cause and solutions.


–  Product supply management: item statistics;

–  Supply shortage can lead to the increase of production costs.

Human Resources Management

–  Company management leadership analysis.

–  How do the employees feel about their employers?

–  Corporate culture analysis: what is defining the company’s internal culture.


–  Who are the company’s customers? Target demographics analysis;

–  Direct advertising vs. indirect advertising: comprehensive analysis and comparison.


– The role of establishing an effective supply chain in the success of the business;

– The allocation and elimination of the cases of transport delays in supply chains.


– Following IT trends in business: should the company invest in cloud technology integration;

–  Cybersecurity: a report on corporate network protection and email privacy security.